MBFR to get training facility addition to south end complex

MBFR to get training facility addition to south end complex

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Myrtle Beach Fire Rescue crews are getting a new facility downtown. The department says the addition is not going to be a new fire station, but a training facility.

"The classrooms that we have out there now, they've served a good purpose," according to Chief Bruce Arnell with MBFR. "They're old and in need of replacement so we are building a new facility which is just under 5,000 square feet."

There will also be two bays for fire trucks. The space will have classrooms inside for firefighters to be trained on crucial life-saving practices.

"The facility will be used not only for the firefighters that are on shift now, our recruit classes will be centered out of those buildings," Chief Arnell said. The space used for training right now is made up of mobile units the department inherited from the military, and officials say it's time for the upgrade.

"Our firefighters train every day," Chief Arnell said. "And our classrooms, and our conference rooms, and our community rooms are being utilized everyday."

The new facility provides something new to the south end- community rooms. Now, HOAs, community groups, even businesses utilize the department's north end classrooms, and soon groups in the south end will be able use the south end training complex. The new building is expected to go up within the next six months.

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