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Consider This: Bikefest has improved, but your feedback is still valuable

The Bikefest Task force released its report on the 2015 event focusing on how the new safety and security measures worked.

The plan included a 23-mile traffic loop that was controversial at the time it was announced.  However, it seemed to work.  Violent crime was down and law enforcement had much better control of the crowds.  The biggest issue of the loop, according to the report, was getting traffic in and out of the airport.

So, recommendations for improvement include: letting shuttles and taxis through the loop to get passengers in and out of the airport, better communication between law enforcement, and a focus on preventing motorcycle and vehicle theft.

The director of Horry County Emergency Management… in releasing the report said, he hopes the community feels a little bit better.

Consider This:  He should know how you feel.  Residents and business owners sure spoke out when things went terribly wrong, which they should have.  But changes were made.  Issues were addressed and there was a big improvement.

It’s great to speak up and have your voice heard when things are going wrong, but it is also your responsibility to let our leaders know when things are working so that they can build on the plan, not become complacent and know they are always being held accountable.

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