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Tiny Homes may be coming to Horry County

Tiny Home Tiny Home
Blueprint of a "tiny house." Blueprint of a "tiny house."

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - The Horry County Planning and Zoning Department says "tiny homes" aren't just for low-income families, but for anyone looking to get rid of that extra baggage, save energy, or help the environment.

Mary-Catherine Hyman is part of a team assigned to research if and how Horry County would be able to create tiny home subdivisions. The task came after a request was made to Myrtle Beach, urging the city to invest in the new trend. The housing and zoning laws currently in place in Horry County prohibit homes under 500 square feet to be built, but Hyman says the county is working to change that.

"It can be for those who just want to simplify their lives. One of the big draws is the reduced cost, but a big part is just people wanting to get rid of all their stuff, and all the maintenance of a larger home, and all the costs that are associated with that," Hyman said. "It's not that we wouldn't have allowed tiny homes before, but the way the ordinance is written, we wouldn't allow for smaller lot sizes to accommodate these smaller homes."

Hyman says there is a lot to be considered before tiny homes can become a reality, such as safety and fire hazards, infrastructure requirements, and parking.

Reporter Josh Roberson asked Hyman if these tiny home communities would be similar mobile home parks.

"There would be buffer requirements around these communities and landscape requirements," Hyman responded. "But yeah, it could be something similar, but these would be for permanent homes, not an RV or a tiny home on wheels which you see that a lot too. What we're looking at is tiny homes on foundations." 

Hyman says a meeting is scheduled on February 4 where a draft of the new ordinance will be presented. That meeting will be open to the public.

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