Clemson fans, businesses anxiously awaiting national championship game

Clemson fans, businesses anxiously awaiting national championship game

CLEMSON, SC (WMBF) - Just days away from trying to make his promise for a national championship come true, Head Coach Dabo Swinney spoke to media about the excitement surrounding the upcoming game.

At the same time, local fans, students, and businesses are on edge, waiting to celebrate the same thing.

As the clock ticks down to a night 34 years in the making, excitement and angst pours out of everyone walking the streets near campus.

"Everyone is just like, I want it to happen already, but I want to savor the moment," said Clemson freshman Kaitlyn Sanford. "They're so excited and want to see how it goes."

In the stores, that excitement is turning into the best business many local places have seen in years.

"This has been a really good seller, the Dabo for President shirt," said Connie McKee with Mr. Knickerbocker's Greek Gallery. "We're seeing a lot more excitement and a lot more activity this time of the year than we normally would."

For Helen Mitchell with the Clemson Alumni Association, the team's success on the field is making her job of connecting graduates easier.

"The excitement is all across the board," said Mitchell. "The alumni and Clemson family involvement has grown tremendously this year and I expect it to continue to grow."

"This is my freshman year and my football team is amazing!" exclaimed student Meghan Prater, a freshman not worried about business or networking.

The freshman is on the Clemson Color Guard and just wants a Tiger win.

She'll anxiously awaiting her trip to the big game in Arizona, trying to take in what she's actually a part of.

"This year has been crazy and everybody comes up to me like, do you understand how important this whole entire season is? I try not to take it for granted, but it's a little hard," Prater said.

Excitement will continue to build all around town until the big game next Monday night.

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