Socastee neighborhoods experiencing more flooding in the new year.

Socastee neighborhoods experiencing more flooding in the new year.

SOCASTEE, SC (WMBF) – After being hit hard by historic flooding in October, the Rosewood Drive community is experiencing more flooding in the new year.  

The Socastee neighborhood's roads are looking more like ponds once again.

“I knew as soon as I saw it, I said oh no, not again… “Jennifer Mayfield said.

“At first I saw it in the backyard, coming over the pond and said, uh oh, here comes the water again,” Betty Jo Wilkins added.

Jennifer Mayfield and Betty Jo Wilkins have been neighbors on Rosewood Drive for twenty plus years.  They say October's flooding was by far the worst they've ever seen and nearly three months later, the water still an issue.


“The waterway feeds into the ditches, and then feeds into the lake in the back, so I guess when the water rises, it's just got nowhere to go,” Mayfield explained.

Though the water isn't in their homes yet, in front of their homes, it’s a different story. The home across the street is surrounded by water. In October, the neighborhood took more than two weeks to drain.


“It was longer draining than any time since we've been here,” Wilkins said.

Wilkins says if it gets any higher, it will be hard for neighbors to get in and out. The mail carriers are already having a hard time getting around.


“She went down that road yesterday and got stuck, went right into the ditch,” Mayfield explained.

"I'll get it right eventually!” the mail carrier shouted from the street.

Neighbors say the lake in back of the neighborhood was supposed to take care of the flooding issues, but now it is also over-flowing.

Some feel something else can be done with the drainage system because unfortunately it's out of their hands.

“Just keep watching and hope it don't get any higher,” Mayfield said.

The neighbors I spoke with today say some of them just finished up their repairs two days ago. Only to see today, the water was back, and is not showing any sign of going down.

With a wet winter predicted by many, neighbors can’t help but feel the flooding could be here to stay.

“…especially after seeing this so quick. I said before the only time we got any water or flooding was during a big hurricane. Like Floyd and Hugo, we flooded then, but you know, you expect to flood then,” Mayfield explained.

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