Police: Man in wheelchair robbed at gunpoint in Myrtle Beach

Police: Man in wheelchair robbed at gunpoint in Myrtle Beach

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Myrtle Beach Police confirmed they responded to an armed robbery Monday night at Balsam Apartments, located at 934 Hwy 501. A man in his wheelchair was robbed at gunpoint while sitting in his wheelchair.

According to Myrtle Beach Police reports, a man in his wheelchair was sitting in the doorway of his apartment smoking a cigarette when he was approached by a suspect who said, "whats's up?" The victim answered back and the suspect then said, "take your ass in the house" and forced the victim back into the apartment.

The victim said the suspect then said, "Give me your money! I know you got your check today!" The suspect then produced a black handgun which police believed was a 9mm. The victim told police the suspect pointed the gun at this face while holding the gun sideways.

The victim then gave his wallet to the suspect who took out $60 dollars, then left the wallet behind. A second suspect stood on Balsam Street during the robbery, according to the victim.

Police said the incident happened at 7:42 p.m.

The suspect is described as wearing a gray hoodie over his head, black jeans, and believed to be in his 20's, according to reports.

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