Dozens gather for national First Day Hike

Dozens gather for national First Day Hike

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Myrtle Beach State Park participated in the National First Day Hike. Even though the first day of the New Year was a bit cooler than what many people have been used to, it didn't prevent dozens of people from spending the first day of the New Year outdoors.

"It's all about just getting outside on the first day of the new year and just letting nature help you in any way that it can," Ann Wilson said.

Ann Wilson, one of Myrtle Beach State Park's parks rangers, says South Carolina state parks have been participating in the first day hike for 5 years now. Something she feels, is the perfect way to kick off the New Year.

"You know there's so many different directions we're heading in with this world, with all of the technology and everybody wants this and wants that... with nature, you can really take a deep breath, let the sounds of nature, the smells of nature, and just being outside. Taking a deep breath and just be in the moment," Wilson said.

By doing so, Wilson says it can up your chances of having a happy and healthy 20-16.

"….and that could really drop your blood pressure, and calm your… calm your bad day you might have had. Nature really can heal you," Wilson explained.

Today Wilson took two groups around the park. Some were there as part of a new year's resolution, while others just wanted to take their day off and spend it outside.

"A few New Year's resolutions but also just being…enjoying being outside. Being calm and getting a little bit of exercise as well," Wilson said.

Many people asked when the best time to visit the park would be but Wilson loves spring, summer, fall and winter, saying there is something special in each season. Even though she couldn't narrow down a favorite, she was happy to hear so many were interested in coming back.

Maybe we took them to a section of the park they hadn't been to before or haven't visited. So that just gives them new possibilities for the new year to come back with their friends and family later on.

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