Bars busy as bowl games converge with New Year's Eve

Bars busy as bowl games converge with New Year's Eve

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - For football fans, especially Clemson ones, the New Year's Eve celebrations started earlier than usual this year with the Orange Bowl. That means what is usually just a busy night for bars turned into an overall busy day.

Once the owner of Atlas Tap House, Aaron Giffords, realized the Orange Bowl would fall on the same day, he knew the bar would have to be ready to start the party early.

"I think people that are looking to have a good time with watching the big games, they're looking to have a good time for New Year's Eve as well so we're going to try to provide a really good environment so people can have a good time doing both," he said.

Since people will start drinking earlier than usual for New Year's Eve, the bartenders will pay extra attention to make sure nobody overdoes it.

"We have a great staff that always keeps a really good eye on people and our first goal is to keep everybody safe," Giffords said. "Obviously everybody has a good time. We don't try to over serve anybody. If it gets to the point where somebody has had too much, we always offer cab rides home."

Liberty Tap Room will also call taxis for people who drank too much and they'll stop serving alcohol.

"We got to tell them nicely, 'Hey, you've kind of hit the head,'" said Kate Figgers, a bartender at Liberty Tap Room. "Here's a water, a diet coke, take it easy, get a bite to eat."

Figgers said she hopes people don't continue to drink heavily all the way from the start of the Orange Bowl through the new year.

"Bring it in the right way, don't go crazy," she said. "I understand the warm weather kind of makes you want to live a little vicariously sometimes, but just be careful and happy 2016 to everybody."

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