Dillon County Sheriff’s Office investigating car break ins around Latta

Dillon County Sheriff’s Office investigating car break ins around Latta

Latta, SC (WMBF) - Dillon County Sheriff's deputies are asking people, especially around Latta, to be extra vigilant with the cars they park outside.

They say this past Monday, more than a half dozen people fell victim to break ins, and one family had an even more traumatic experience.

For that Latta family, a quick confrontation Monday night escalated to gunshots.

Police reports from the incident on Sunset Drive show the homeowner heard his dogs barking early in the morning and went outside to check it out.  He quickly noticed someone rummaging through his truck, and shouted "get the hell out of my truck."

The victim tells police the suspect then ran around the truck, and fired nearly ten shots at him, before fleeing the scene.

The report states his wife and two small children were inside at the time. The husband chose not to speak to us about the incident, saying the family is too shaken up.

"We have investigators assigned to the case, and they're following up on some information, but we do not have a suspect in this case at this point in time," said Ct. Cliff Arnette with the Dillon County Sheriff's Office.

Dillon County Sheriff's deputies say that may not have been the suspect's only break in that night.

The department says nearly ten people fell victim to car break ins on Sunset Drive in Latta. Most of the cars were unlocked.

Robbie Owens planned to move in to the neighborhood just this week.

"My biggest concern is my nine year old daughter, you know," Owens said. "When she comes over here at nighttime and somebody tries to barge into our house, or something, if I'm asleep and can't get to my gun fast enough, you know?"

Owens says news of all the break ins won't change his plans of moving, but it will be in the back of his mind.

He hopes police find who is responsible, before it happens again.

Sheriff's deputies are still searching for any suspects in this case, but in the meantime, they have some advice that goes for people even outside of Dillon County.

First, they say to make sure you actually lock your car at night. Also, if you have any valuables, do not keep them in the car, and if you have to keep them covered, or in a safe place.

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