SCDPS gears up for DUI arrests on New Year's Eve

SCDPS gears up for DUI arrests on New Year's Eve

With New Year's Eve almost here and December marking National Impaired Driving Prevention Month, we're taking a closer look at DUI-related cases during the holidays. According to a report based on the percentage of fatal crashes involving alcohol, South Carolina ranks third in the nation for the most drunken drivers. However, there are campaigns in place to help reduce those numbers.

Just looking at the week of Christmas, we saw those numbers rise. At least two arrests were made in felony DUI cases in Horry County that resulted in deaths. And as we approached the actual holiday, we saw the numbers rise from one to two alcohol related offenses involving vehicles each day in Myrtle Beach to 4 or 5.

It's these kinds of statistics that are a cause for concern for law enforcement officials, especially with another holiday right around the corner.
To combat these kinds of incidents, the South Carolina Department of Public Safety's "Sober or Slammer" campaign kicked off Monday night.

It runs until New Year's Day. It's this time of year that officials say they see a real rise in DUI cases across the state.

"People who normally wouldn't drink and drive, because they've been to a party, are drinking and driving," Myrtle Beach attorney Billy Monckton said. "There's more of a chance of them to be stopped during the holidays. Fourth of July, Labor Day Weekend, Christmas and New Year's Eve is probably the biggest one where there will be the largest push of law enforcement being out. "

The SC Highway Patrol made over 800 DUI arrests during the SOS campaign last year.

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