Myrtle Beach community locks down on safety

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The Forest Dunes neighborhood has reported break-ins and theft in the area along 67th Avenue North, from Ocean Boulevard to US-17 bypass, and now neighbors are asking you to remain on the lookout for any suspicious activity.

Construction and remodeling sites are the primary targets with appliances being removed, according to a representative with the Forest Dunes HOA.

A thief targeted a construction site, in the area, breaking into a trailer, allegedly stealing about $5-thousand dollars worth of tools.

"We were doing another job several blocks away, we came in the next morning after we had dropped our tools off and the door was closed but the locks were gone, and we looked all over the place to see if we saw any locks and no evidence of anything," Frederick Squires with Branch Construction said.

The worst part is, this crew doesn't expect to get what was taken back, since none of the tools were engraved.

"I'm devastated," Squires said. "Come to go to work and can't work. You gotta go and buy new tools before you can work."

Neighbors say, this instance can be a tool to use to help make the community more safe.

"Be vigilant, look around, if you see a suspicious car or suspicious people also call 911," neighbor Dennis Downes said. "If you see something say something."

Dennis Downes would know, he's a retired police officer. He also, just experienced an unwanted guest.

Downes said on Christmas Eve, he got a knock on his door from a "strange female," who looked to be close to 30-years-old. He said she was requesting, he assist her in a car that was disabled down the block.

Downes said he couldn't see the car from his home on 67th Ave. N.

"It was really suspicious," he said. "I kinda felt that she was trying to lure us out of the house. Perhaps maybe then some of her cohorts were gonna come in and maybe rob us."

Representatives with the Forest Dunes HOA are hearing of other reports of theft. Reminding everyone, no matter where you live, to take steps to assure you are safe.

Myrtle Beach Police say you should make sure the doors and windows on your home are secure.

If you have an alarm, police say, make sure you activate it.

Also, make sure your property has adequate lighting.

Another police tip is to make sure trees and bushes are not overgrown, to avoid giving someone a place to hide.

Finally, make sure the car is locked and nothing of value is left in plain view.

The Forest Dunes community holds neighborhood watch meetings on the second Tuesday of every month. The next meeting is January 12, at 6 p.m. at the Dunes Clubhouse in the ladies locker room reception area.

It's important you attend these meetings in your community to keep in the loop about any crime and safety in your area.

Myrtle Beach Police urge you to report any suspicious activity.

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