Christmas decorations vandalized in Socastee

Christmas decorations vandalized in Socastee

SOCASTEE, SC (WMBF) - Families in Socastee said a Christmas Grinch paid their yards a visit by trashing their decorations.

A woman who lives in Palmetto Glen woke up Sunday to find her family's light-up figurines damaged and smashed.

"We have no Christmas spirit in the yard and we've had it there forever," said Gabriel Phillips, the woman's son-in-law. "Now it's just going to be a dark night."

Phillips estimates the decorations cost his family $700 and now they'll have to be thrown away.

"We have a big carousel that we generally put out that that was very expensive," he said. "Luckily, we didn't put that out otherwise it would be smashed also."

A blow-up polar bear in the yard also had slash marks on it.

Dell Dellavecchia lives in Manor Circle and he found similar slices on his blow-up decorations at the end of last week.

"The slices are huge and I thought maybe after 15 years, the material has deteriorated, but that's not the case," Dellavecchia said. "The rest of the material is just fine."

The blow-up decorations have been around for the holidays since Dellavecchia's children were young.

"The kids are pretty depressed over it because they come out here and they enjoy looking through the displays and when we walk through the neighborhood they're kind of proud that they've got their own display that people come by and stop the cars and look at," he said.

Dellavecchia said he didn't file a police report, but Phillips did.

Horry County Police Department's offices were closed for the holiday, so statistics for reported cases of Christmas decoration vandalism were unavailable.

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