First responders working on Christmas Day

First responders working on Christmas Day

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - Emergency crews in the Pee Dee spent the day away from their families to make sure others could be together. East Black Creek road is where help was needed today.

The water levels have been rising the past three days to the point where Victor Chladni had to call the Windy Hill Fire  Department this morning to rescue  his grandson out of his home one mile down the flooded road.

“They’re back in there and I have the rescue department out here to bring him out so he can open his Christmas presents at home…He’s  just… he’s my baby," says Chladni.

Chladni says when he pulled up to the closed road today, it reminded him of the October flooding. He says not everyone who lives along the creek chooses to leave when heavy rain comes. “That’s what you come up against is the people don’t want to come out. Last time they turned off the electricity then they had to come, but nothing is turned off so people are staying. Except my grandson, he’s coming home," Chladni said.

Windy Hill Fire made sure 9 year-old Peyton was home with his grandpa today. Chief, John Delung says it doesn’t matter what the emergency is they will be there to make sure you are safe. “Whether you’re fire, EMS or law enforcement. All emergency services are open 24 hours a day we call it 24/7 that’s when we work, yes even on Christmas Day," Lung said.

Myrick Hatcher with Palmetto Fire Department came to check on water levels at Black Creek today, but also to see his family who lives along the creek. He says, “It doesn’t matter what I have to do, I’m going to get back there to be with my family on Christmas I really want to see them.”

Hatcher made sure to do just that, even in his rain gear. “And if I have a call I’ll be walking right back out," said Hatcher.

 Windy Hill Fire also received a call for evacuation help two miles down the road last night. Both fire crews say they will be there to keep you and your family safe for Christmas. 

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