TripAdvisor: U.S travelers plan to spend more on travel in 2016

TripAdvisor: U.S travelers plan to spend more on travel in 2016

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - According to a study by TripAdvisor, Americans will average the third highest travel budget in the world for 2016.

The survey says on average Americans will spend $8400 each on travel in 2016.

“For our clientele five to seven thousand dollars, and I don’t see that going away,” said Ashley Jackson, Manager of Travel Operations with Thomas Hogan travel agency.

TripAdvisor said U.S travelers will spend more money in 2016 because they feel them or their family deserves it and they are going somewhere on their wish list.

“People love to travel, they want to spend their hard earned money on travel and it’s something they look forward to,” said Jackson. “And it’s something are allowed to treat themselves with as a vacation. Some people save all year long on a vacation.”

Going on longer trips is another trend Americans will see next year, which will increase the demand for air travel and positively affect the economy across our region.

“The biggest thing is as the demand continues to increase we hope the airlines will continue to add service and increase the size of the aircrafts and add capacity to the market,” said Kirk Lovell, Horry County Assistant Director of Airports.

U.S. Traveler Quirks by TripAdvisor

The Top 5 Things U.S. Travelers Won't Leave Home Without

  • style="color:black;line-height:13.5pt;">Toiletries (77%)
  • style="color:black;line-height:13.5pt;">Smartphone (74%)
  • style="color:black;line-height:13.5pt;">Camera (57%)
  • style="color:black;line-height:13.5pt;">Clothing for special occasions (56%)
  • style="color:black;line-height:13.5pt;">Adaptor (51%)

U.S. travelers rank as the fourth most "germophobic" in the world, with 37 percent listing hand sanitizer as a travel essential, compared to 23 percent globally. They value their beauty rest as well — 13 percent bring their own pillow, higher than the global average of six percent.

Amenity Deal Breakers

Certain amenities will make or break a hotel's chances of earning a booking. U.S. travelers expect more for less, and will book elsewhere if an accommodation does not offer:

  • style="color:black;line-height:13.5pt;">Air-conditioning (70%)
  • style="color:black;line-height:13.5pt;">In-room Wi-Fi (42%)
  • style="color:black;line-height:13.5pt;">Parking (38%)
  • style="color:black;line-height:13.5pt;">Safe deposit (25%)
  • style="color:black;line-height:13.5pt;">Breakfast (24%)

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