Remembering the Christmas Snowstorm of 1989

Remembering the Christmas Snowstorm of 1989

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - It was 26 year ago to date when the Grand Strand and all of the Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina coastlines were hit by a massive and unprecedented winter storm. The Christmas snowstorm of 1989 ravaged the area from December 22nd through December 24th. 

More than a foot of snow fell across Horry County and northern Georgetown county. Temperatures began in the mid-teens at the beginning of the event and warmed 10-15 degrees by the end of the event. When has this area ever been able to warm temperatures by that much and still receive snow? Never. This storm caused huge headaches across the area but as we look inland, things were drastically different. This was a coastal-hugging storm which means that coastal areas were impacted a lot harder than inland areas. The range of snowfall across the area was from a trace to more than 20 inches of snow! 

The cold and the snow even stuck around through Christmas. One of the only times the Grand Strand has seen a white Christmas on record. 

Here's a look at a few snow totals from around the area:
Myrtle Beach - 14" 
Conway - 13.5"
Marion - 8"
Andrews - 8" 
Dillon - 6" 
Florence - 4.3" 
Laurinburg - 1"

Needless to say, what we experienced that winter and what we are experiencing this winter are both extremes but very different extremes. 1989 was a year of record cold and record snow. This year is a year of record warmth and lots of rain. 

If you're wondering when other winter storms have occurred with measurable and significant snow we have to head back to 1983 where seven inches of snow fell and prior to that in 1873 nine inches of snow fell.

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