Presidential hopeful Ben Carson meets face-to-face with South Carolina voters

Presidential hopeful Ben Carson meets face-to-face with South Carolina voters

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - More than 600 people lined up at Boulineau's in Cherry grove to meet Republican Presidential hopeful Ben Carson.

The candidate spent time, Tuesday, signing autographs, shaking hands and taking pictures with local voters.

"I've done plenty of town hall meetings here," Dr. Carson said. "These people want to meet you, they want to shake your hand, they want to know that you're real."

At the event, Dr. Carson even signed cards for veterans and discussed the topic with the media.

"We have 14% decrease in the number of people applying to the military, and if that trend continues we're gonna have to do something drastic and we don't wanna do that we want to have a system that people are happy to serve," he said.

Dr. Carson believes, support for vets should start the moment they enlist.

Other issues addressed include, offshore drilling, which Dr. Carson says, he supports.

"This country has enormous energy resources and I believe the EPA should be working along with business industry and academia to find the cleanest, most environmentally friendly ways to exploit that energy," he said.

He also supports guns, saying we have a 2nd amendment for a reason.

When asked about other candidates, he said it's not important.

"I don't particularly care what the other candidates are saying about each other, I don't even care what they're saying about me, because the issues are what are important and if we get dragged into this he said she said stuff, we're not gonna actually talk about the issues," Dr. Carson said.

People of all ages, from all different areas, including Trudy Martin, got the opportunity for a one-on-one with the candidate, and were pleased with their visit.

"I do believe he would inspire this country to get on track, again," Martin said. "I think he would be the best 'uniter' that i could just think of so that's why I'm for him, for those reasons."

Voter and supporter Sean Sexton said this isn't his first run-in with Dr. Carson, nor is it, his son, Coty's.

"If he becomes president I could say the president of the United states did surgery on my head," Coty Sexton said. "I think he saved my life, when he comes I'm gonna thank him for it."

Coty's father said without the surgery his son's brain would have swelled and potentially even killed him. Sexton believes when it comes to Carson, saving lives will transition to saving our country.

"I think it's the same way with the presidency he could make the country feel at ease, he can make the country feel safe and secure, because he's a very confident and safe and secure man to be running for president and hopefully he'll get there," Sexton said.

Cherry Grove is one of four stops Carson made, Tuesday, in South Carolina on his campaign trail. He ended the day in Charleston.

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