Carly Fiorina stops in Pawleys Island for town hall event

Carly Fiorina stops in Pawleys Island for town hall event

PAWLEYS ISLAND, SC (WMBF) - In a crowded Pawleys Island auditorium, Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina held back no punches when it came to the current president and her competitor Hillary Clinton.

"It is delusional and dangerous for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to be talking about climate change and gun control while terrorists are murdering people in San Bernardino and Paris," Fiorina said to the audience.

When talking foreign policy, the former CEO told audience members she would eliminate ISIS and secure our border if elected president.

In our one-on-one interview, she said her business experience sets her apart when dealing overseas.

"I know our military and our intelligence capabilities as well, I know our allies, I know our adversaries, and I know when this country doesn't lead, and we're not leading now, the world's a more dangerous place," she said, when speaking to reporter Conor McCue.

Back on the home front, Fiorina highlighted small businesses and the tax codes she says are crippling them.

She also believes current politicians are holding local projects back.

"They're doing all this stuff, but somehow they can't get the I-73 built. We're doing all this stuff, but we're not caring for our veterans. They're doing all this stuff, but they're not securing the border," Fiorina said.

Towards the end, the audience had its chance to weigh in.

Mark Hayes traveled all the way from Charleston to hear Fiorina speak. He still remains undecided.

When given his chance, Hayes asked the candidate if she would support a carbon tax, he feels would hurt him in the end.

"It was nice that she gave a direct answer. She said flat out no. That basically means more money needs to go back into our pockets instead of billionaires' and manufacturers' pockets," he said.

Fiorina has two more stops in South Carolina Tuesday. Both will be in Florence.

The first is at 11:00 AM at the Wholly Smokin' BBQ Restaurant off Dargan Street. Fiorina will then speak at 12:30 at the Florence Civic Center.

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