'Tis the season for extra holiday tipping: Who and how much

'Tis the season for extra holiday tipping: Who and how much

. - MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - 'Tis the season for giving. At Christmas time, many people want to reach out to those who have helped them through the year with a little extra "thank you" gift. But it can be confusing knowing to whom you should give what.

Many people do consider it proper etiquette to give a gift of some sort to the people who help them throughout the year. Not because they have to; it's not an obligation. It's a way to show appreciation to your babysitter, dog groomer, mailman, hair stylist, yard workers, even your personal trainer.
"If you appreciate their services, and you want to show your appreciation," said Mandie Aycock, a stylist at Cut Bang Blow Hair Studio by The Market Common.

"Without a doubt, agreed Audra Colasacco, who works at Market Common Grooming. "I think for anyone who performs a service for you, for your dog, for your child, things like that, they deserve a gift. They deserve to let you know that you appreciate what they did for you."

Inside Market Common Pet Grooming, where Colasacco works, the walls are decked with holiday greetings. "Gift cards, multiple gift cards to any place for shopping, to go out to dinner. Sometimes they'll give us tickets to a play or something like that. Cookies, cakes, they do a lot of home baked stuff for us too."
Her description is in line with what online sources say pet groomers should get from clients. The suggestion is up to the cost of one session or a gift. For dog walkers, up to one week's pay or a gift.

If you have a housekeeper, it's suggested to thank them with the same amount as the cost of one visit. To show appreciation to mail carriers, a small gift or gift card up to $20 dollars is the norm.

And don't forget about your favorite waiter or waitress. "You're living on your tips," Colasacco said. "So yeah I give a little bit extra. You know they're working harder because of the fact that it's busier."

For your handyman, give a $15 to $50 gift card. It's suggested to give yard workers between $20 to $50, or a gift card. And gifts to newspaper carriers can be between $10 and $30 dollars. It's suggested to give personal trainers up to the cost of a session or a gift.

For hair stylists like Aycock, the suggestion is up to the cost of a cut. But what's most appreciated and memorable? The ones that are personalized.
"I love when people give me Christmas gifts," Colasacco said. "Like ornaments, things I can pull out every year. And I know that I think about that person every year."

"Actually a client she and I, the prior session, had been talking about this book series I was reading," Aycock said. "And I mentioned I hadn't read yet gotten the last one. And when she came in for Christmas, she gave me the book that I was reading."

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