Florence emergency management demonstrates unmanned aerial system

Florence emergency management demonstrates unmanned aerial system

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - Florence County Emergency Management demonstrated its brand new unmanned aerial system today. The county's HAZMAT team will primarily use it to respond to hazardous chemical spills within the county.

Emergency Management purchased the unmanned aerial system for their response teams to use. Volunteers with emergency management, law enforcement and fire were all trained to operate the system.

The unmanned aerial system can also be used for search and rescue teams to drop flares, and has the ability to take HD video to use during damage assessment. Andrew Golden with Florence County Emergency Management says it's safe, cost effective, and now they can find out information when an emergency breaks faster than before.

"If there was a tanker that fell over and it spilt chemical all over the highway, we could take this unmanned aerial system, fly in, read the placard  on the side of the vehicle and see what chemical is on the road. So then we can in turn, come back and land and know what it is without ever sending out individuals into the scene," says Golden.

The unmanned aerial system was purchased with Florence County Local Emergency Management Committee funds which are collected from industries who house hazardous chemicals.

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