Twas the weekend before Christmas

Twas the weekend before Christmas

(WMBF) - Twas the weekend before Christmas and all through the south, the rain had dried up, the warmth moving out.

The clouds had blown out, the skies were clear, cold weather lovers were starting to cheer.

By the time you head to bed, we'll be down in the 40s, when the sun greets your eyes we'll have dipped to the 30s.

Saturday starts with sun shine and a breeze, with the chill in the air, it will feel like a freeze.

You Saturday shoppers will be happy to know, throughout the day, the sun will glow.

The temperature will struggle through 40s by noon, for some, the chill arrived not a moment too soon.

For your holiday parties or a night on the town, you'll most certainly need a coat to cover your gown.

Come Sunday morning the temperature's near freezing.

From Conway and Anyor, to Marion and Hartsville, in Clio, in Dillon, in Darlington too.

A frost will lay heavy instead of dew.

The sun bright in the sky on Sunday afternoon,  hot chocolate will be nice if you're out singing a tune.

Once back to work on Monday morning, we see what we've seen so much of so far…more warming.

Into the 60s we'll climb so high, but that's just the start of the thermometer's climb.

By Tuesday and Wednesday we'll soar even higher, but the weather turns wet instead of staying drier.

Clouds will move in, and as we officially start winter, more rain and showers will start to enter.

The warmth hits it peak for the Christmas Holiday.  At times it will feel like Orlando or Tampa Bay.

The temperatures will soar instead of dive, for some it may be the warmest since 1955.

Near record warmth is looking more likely, but lingering rain may make travel dicey.

Santa arrives as a jolly old fella, but he he'll probably be carrying a big umbrella.

If you're looking for snow it's out of reach, but how about a Christmas Day walk on the beach?

The 70s will linger through Christmas Day, it doesn't feel like the holidays some of you will say.

But rest assured Mother Nature is fickle, sooner or later, old man winter will arrive.

With cold, maybe ice, making it hard to drive.

But until then, it's the holiday season,  with warmth and showers more like the spring season.

Enjoy it while it lasts, we'll soon have arctic blasts.

Happy holidays to all and to all a good night.

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