Political experts look at the last GOP debate and go over how much it will matter in the long-run

Political experts look at the last GOP debate and go over how much it will matter in the long-run

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – Political experts look at the GOP debate in Las Vegas and point out the stand-out moments, the winners, and the topics discussed.

Assistant Politics and Geography Professor at Coastal Carolina University, Kaitlin Sidorsky recognized four winners.

"Jeb Bush was definitely one of them. Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Trump. So those are the four considered to do pretty well. Jeb Bush did particularly well last night. He had some great moments particularly when he called Trump a chaos candidate" Sidorsky said.

"Donald is great at one the one liners… but he's a chaos candidate, and he would be a chaos president. He would not be the commander and chief we need to keep our country safe," Jeb Bush said.

Jeb Bush spent a considerable amount of time going after Donald Trump Tuesday night in Las Vegas.  Others, like Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, both recently surging in the polls behind Trump…
were more focused on each other.

"That was definitely an interesting moment to see those two finally go head to head, and both of them had victories," Sidorsky noted.

"Ted supports doubling the amount of green cards," Marco Rubio said.

"It is not true what he just said that I support legalization indeed, I led the fight against his legalization and amnesty bill," Cruz fired back.

The topics discussed throughout the debate all stemmed from the recent attacks and national security.

"What would you do with ISIS? What should we do with security and privacy? Should we have people getting their telephone records being looked at? Why or why not? Immigration, should we allow refugees to come here why or why not?" Sidorsky explained.

The biggest question coming from these debates, how much do they matter? Sidorsky says polls show they do and they don't and one ultimate fact polls are showing is many Americans haven't made a decision yet.

"What do you agree with? Look at the candidates, the issues, their stances, what they say about certain things. Do you agree with them?  If you could wake up tomorrow and have a new president, who do you see that person being?" Sidorsky advised.

We're just weeks away from the Iowa caucuses, followed by primaries in New Hampshire and then right here in South Carolina.

Sidorsky says many of the candidates will have to keep doing what they're doing and reevaluate their campaigns after.

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