The Peanut Warehouse breaks out of its shell in Conway

The Peanut Warehouse breaks out of its shell in Conway

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - A popular venue is breaking out of its shell, in Conway. Work is underway at The Peanut Warehouse to get it up and running for business.

Owner of Thompson's Farm, Scott Thompson, signed a long-term lease, with the current owner, the Burroughs Company, Friday.

The Peanut Warehouse was constructed about 115 years ago in Conway. Once a place for peanut and fertilizer storage, then a tobacco warehouse, the building became a popular wedding venue, until it closed in March of 2014.

The main issue for the city was the condition of the building, which Thompson is taking on with open arms.

He said safety is the number one priority in rehabbing the building, while keeping the quaint, historic look of it.

As the owner of the well-known venue Bucksville Hall, Thompson is using his experience to make this building the place to be.

Right now, the venue is in the "clean-up phase," but when the Peanut Warehouse is restored, it won't just be used for weddings, Thompson plans to host a wide range of events.

"Maybe a stump event for politicians, to come and speak on annually, I'd love to do a monthly bluegrass concert, I'd love to do a Christian concert and taste of the town," Thompson said. I'm willing to do anything."

Thompson expects to have the Peanut Warehouse up and running on March 1.

Thompson expects to hold events with up to 300 people at the Peanut House per event, charging about $2,000 to rent the building.

He already has a wedding on the books, and many in the works.

More growth for the River Walk

A new restaurant is "Firing up" along the River Walk.

"Bonfire" is a traditional BBQ restaurant. It will offer food that is hardwood smoked. The restaurant also plans to focus on tacos. It will also have appetizers, salads and vegetarian options.

It's a completely different feel than the other restaurant, Darren Smith owns, Rivertown Bistro.

Smith said it will be a more casual setting, with a lower price point, but the same quality of food.

The restaurant had minor setbacks, due to the flood, but is expected to open the end of January.

There are more signs near the River Walk announcing land for sale, specifically for restaurants, retail and a hotel.

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