Consider This: New development provides positive outlook for Grand Strand, Pee Dee

We have had some new developments in some recent issues and projects along the Grand Strand and the Pee Dee that are very positive and encouraging.

First of all, Horry County School Board members are now saying the plan to add more students to classes over the next two years…is not the best option.  It was a recommendation to save money, by cutting positions.  It's good to see a bad idea die early.

Secondly, after years of delays and debate, the dredging project in Cherry Grove gets final approval.  While some home owners do not want to foot the bill, it is a necessity to improve property values in the area.

Next - the Myrtle Beach Airport numbers are impressive.  More flights to and from Myrtle Beach mean more tourists are coming and for those of us who have moved to the area…we now have more options to fly home and bring family in for visits.  It's great to see a successful strategic plan in place.

And in Florence, another restaurant has opened in downtown as the city and developers push hard to revitalize the charming area.

Consider This:  We are fortunate that this is what is getting attention, money and coverage in our communities.  What a positive way to head into a new year.

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