Horry County's first food truck opens for business

Horry County's first food truck opens for business

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - For Karl Moser, Tuesday was a long time coming.

"Been waiting for this for almost three years," said Moser, a food truck operator, referring to the years of going back and forth with the Horry County Council. "It was get there, get there, it kept getting knocked down. At one point, I was going to say forget it. This is just not worth it. And then, I said I'm not giving up."

His determination paid off. He said his food truck is "the start of a new dream."

The parking lot of Palmetto Distillery off Kings Highway, just south of the Myrtle Beach State Park, is where Moser's food truck, Stuff Your Face Street Eats, will spend most of its time.  As for the menu: on Tuesday it was barbecue pork, chicken and brisket with coleslaw, hot dogs and more.

Moser said the truck will serve "different things...barbeque, we want to do stuff like quesadillas, and tacos and maybe just change it around. Maybe on the weekends do chicken bog."

Though finally open for business, he said as he prepared the food for his very first lunch rush, he's not actually free to roam the county. Moser's truck can't be within 300 feet of a brick-and-mortar restaurant, and that's not his only constraint.

"Horry County is the only county in South Carolina you have to get a site plan, it has to be approved, takes 15 days," according to Moser.

He needs a site plan for each location where he sells food. "If I got to 10 job sites, I've got to have 10 site plans. One for each one. They made us permanent food trucks. We can be mobile, but everyone's going to cost us $100."

Moser said he is hopeful the ordinance could eventually change again to make staying in business more convenient. "I hope that once we get going, they see that we're not a threat to nobody."

For the time being, he's grateful to the community for being so overwhelmingly in favor of his idea. He already has two business partners, and both of them have food trucks that will start operating soon. And they plan to interchange locations to change the menu up.

"I would love to see 50 trucks out here. I would love it. That was the whole purpose," Moser added.

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