Florence County Blazing a trail in fire service

Florence County Blazing a trail in fire service

FLORENCE COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Big steps are being made when it comes to fire protection. "We have 18 new fire trucks on order and an additional ten are already in service," Sam Brockington, Florence County Fire and Rescue Coordinator said.

Brockington said those trucks are meeting a need that each department in the Florence County Fire District once had. "It's safer, these trucks were over 20 years old and second they were expensive to operate and they couldn't find parts." Many folks have noticed parcels of land being cleared, and signs stating that new fire stations are soon coming to the area.

Howe Springs, Quinby, Hannah Salem, Johnsonville, West Florence are just a few stations soon to be outfitted with new facilities.

In total, six new Fire stations will soon be going up right now the most of the projects are in the process of being contracted out.

"A number of fire stations…for instance in Quinby, Howe Springs and Johnsonville that never had dormitory space," Brockington said.

The new stations going in will provide those sleeping quarters and will also allow for faster response times. "We will have the ability to have both career and volunteers manning our fire stations at night in key locations," Brockington said.

Brockington added that all the extra attention going in to the county's fire service is really starting to pay off.

"Just in two and a half years, we have lowered the insurance rates in half of the departments we represent. Johnsonville has the best rating which is a class three, lower than any other volunteer fire department, without fire hydrants in the state of South Carolina," Brockington said.

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