Outrage expressed on social media after dog is left hanging, lifeless

Outrage expressed on social media after dog is left hanging, lifeless
Image of the sign left next to the hanging dog. (Source: Facebook)
Image of the sign left next to the hanging dog. (Source: Facebook)

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - The Department of Natural Resources and Horry County Police are on the hunt for those responsible for allegedly shooting a dog. The dog was found dead, Saturday, hanging from a barricade by its legs, along Hughes Landing Rd.

A man who saw the dog, Chad Dorris, immediately called police and took to social media to express his outrage about the incident.

Warning: Graphic image – viewer discretion advised. Click here to see the unblurred image posted to social media of the dead dog: http://WMBF.images.worldnow.com/images/9457019_G.jpg

"It's heartless," Dorris said. "It blows my mind to see someone can do that and hang the dog up like that."

Dorris was shocked to see the devastating image, in an area he frequents.

"Even though this is Hughes Landing Road and its secluded back here, a lot of people come back here, a lot of people go to the river landing - not just hunt back here," he said. "I bring my kids to the river all the time, any other day, they would have been with me."

As he drove by the site, Saturday, he noticed the sign. It wasn't until he walked up to the sign that he saw a dog hanging beside it.

"His name was Lamonte. Try calling his name or me next time. He couldn't read that well," the sign read.

According to the Department of Natural Resources, animal control removed the dog from the site.

Blood, and a zip tie which held the dog up, were still left behind, Monday

"It was hanging on the lock," Dorris said. "Why would they hang it there so everyone who comes in would have to push it out the way to unlock the club?"

While both DNR and Horry County Police are still investigating the story behind the graphic image, it's an incident the agencies are not taking lightly.

DNR agents said it's possible someone shot the dog elsewhere and brought it to the barricaded area.

The landowner, American Timberlands Company, leases out the land to hunting clubs.

A representative said he has no idea who could have committed the crime, but the company is determined to work with the agencies to make sure those responsible, pay the price.

Under the Renegade Hunter Act, shooting a hunting dog can mean up to a $500 fine, or jail time, according to DNR.

There are no suspects or leads at this time, according to DNR. Representatives are hoping the dog owner will come forward, and help them find answers.

If you have any information, contact DNR: 1-800-922-5431

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