Trending: Market Common restaurants looking to add more outdoor seating

Trending: Market Common restaurants looking to add more outdoor seating

. - MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The warm mid-December weather had a lot of people looking to eat lunch at restaurants outside in the fresh air Monday - but the choices to do that in Myrtle Beach were limited. More businesses, particularly in The Market Common area, are trying to change that.

When many of the people walking around The Market Common were asked, they said Monday was the perfect day to grab a seat outside and have a meal with friends or family. At Crepe Creation, eating outside is a possibility, one that was made possible recently over the fall months.  Sidewalk and patio seating is something people at The Market Common said Myrtle beach needs more of. And since the owner of Crepe Creation went through the process to add it, other businesses are taking note and want to do the same.

Owner of Crepe Creation, Larry Cauble, said since he was approved for outdoor seating, business has boomed and his patrons have enjoyed sitting outside all through the fall.  When he had the idea, Cauble thought the process to get approval from the City of Myrtle Beach would be difficult.  But, he said it was actually fairly simple.  Cauble said other businesses and The Market Common management have approached him to ask about the process.

Travinia management said it plans to begin the process of gating off an outdoor area where wait staff can serve customers.  The owner of Cold stone creamery said he wants approval for a designated outdoor seating area as well.  And at new restaurant under construction, The Brass Tap, part of the work includes an outdoor patio area.

For businesses, there's the benefit of more tables, which means more mouths to feed and more checks.  For customers it's about what it brings to the environment of the market common.

Cauble says outdoor seating elicits a European feel. People come to the market common because it's an outdoor village atmosphere and that outdoor seating goes hand-in-hand with that.  Other business owners agree. "I think it brings more customers," Mike Pelligrino, the owner of Cold Stone Creamery said. "People come to Market Common because it's beautiful area to walk around. To entertain yourself at a movie or some other activity, or to eat, or go to a park, whatever it is. But it just makes it more enjoyable. Because when it's nice out, especially in the wintertime, people want to be outside. They don't want to be cooped up in their house."

Travinia management said people frequently sit at the tables beside the restaurant expecting to be served, but wait staff can't legally wait you out there. Not yet.  Management said the wheels are already in motion, and an architect is working on the plans and they hope to have city approval to gate this area off with added seating by March.

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