Winter-like weather returns to the Grand Strand by the weekend

Winter-like weather returns to the Grand Strand by the weekend

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) A huge low pressure system in the Gulf of Alaska is being compared to a category five hurricane. Winds have gusted in excess of 155+ mph and have brought massive waves to the shores of Alaska. Believe it or not, this is the type of storm we have needed to happen to break the warm trend we've been in. 

We've all heard of high and low pressures systems and ridges and troughs. Well, sometimes this weather systems can be very stubborn and stay in one place for a while. This is what has been occurring over the eastern U.S.. A ridge of high pressure built in and was strong enough to stay overhead for weeks. This is also what has kept us so warm recently. 

With the ridge being so strong and so stubborn, we knew if was going to take a whopper of a storm to change things. That is exactly what this storm near Alaska is doing. Changing things.

It will take quite some time to get here and it will lose some steam as it approaches. That doesn't mean it won't pack a punch. A storm of this magnitude takes ingredients from all levels of the atmosphere and drags them along for the ride. As we inch closer to next weekend, an arctic high pressure will build in, shortly following that a shortwave moves through and that will prime the road for the main trough to dig in which will usher in the cold air. Likely the coldest air of the season.

Each model is trending colder and colder but as of now, we could see highs for Saturday and Sunday barely reaching 50 degrees and over night lows dip into the low 30s. With models trending colder, this is likely to not be near cold enough to what may actually happen.

As time goes on, we'll have a better understanding of just how cold it will be. For now, keep the gloves, boots and jackets handy. It looks like we will finally be able to use them.

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