Scotland County Sheriff’s Office designates 'exchange zone'

Scotland County Sheriff’s Office designates 'exchange zone'

SCOTLAND, NC (WMBF) - The Scotland County Sheriff's Office has designated parking at the sheriff's office and jail facility located at 212 Biggs Street as an "exchange zone" for online transactions and custodial exchanges.

With the number of anonymous, online initiated transactions increasing, the sheriff's office has responded by offering these designated spaces in the hopes of deterring crime.

The Exchange Zone is designed to help protect our citizens from becoming victims of robberies, thefts, and scams associated with online transaction sites such as Craigslist and E-bay. This area will also allow parents to have a safer location for child custody visitation exchanges, according to the SCSO.

Transactions may take place 24 hours, seven days a week at the Sheriff's Office. The zone will clearly be marked with signs indicating "Sheriff's Office Exchange Zone". This area is well lit at night and also under 24-hour video surveillance. While the area is constantly video it may not always be monitored by personnel. If you should need emergency assistance while in the exchange zone then you should call 911.

This is not a drop off where parents can leave children for a later pick up time. All exchanges must be person to person. Deputies and employees are not available to participate as official witnesses, give legal advice or settle disputes unless it becomes an emergency situation.

The Scotland County Sheriff's Office Exchange Zone has been registered as a National Safe Deal Zone at:

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