MB homeowner hid, believes she returned home mid-burglary

MB homeowner hid, believes she returned home mid-burglary

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A Myrtle Beach homeowner was forced to hide in her own home while, as she believes, burglars finished stealing thousands of dollars in jewelry from her bedroom.

She recounted to police and her husband, who did not want to be identified, that she realized what was happening.

"My wife came home from work," her husband said. "She found several doors busted open in the house. She went upstairs, our dog was barking crazily."

The Myrtle Beach police report outlined that she heard a noise as she pulled into the garage. "She realized the house had been broken into and realized that the person was still in the house," her husband said.

At 7:15 last evening, she hid until a neighbor and the police arrived.

"She's pretty shooken up," the homeowner said. "She wanted to sleep with her lights on, and things like that. She wanted to lock the door to the bedroom."

Their home is off 23rd Avenue South in a vibrant, newer neighborhood in the south-end area the city has worked hard to cut the crime in.

Police said the burglars used a shovel they brought with them to get inside. The homeowner said it wasn't his, and they determined the burglars had brought it with them.

The homeowner and police report said the suspects tried to get in through the upstairs deck. Police believe they tore a hole in in the screen to get the porch door open. But they broke the handle off the door that leads inside when they tried to bust it with the shovel, so they tried another way. In the back of the house, the suspect or suspects busted the door frame with the shovel, and got in the home through the garage area.

"In this area unfortunately, we have had several break-ins to several of the homes since we've lived here for 10 years," the husband explained.

Monday night's suspect or suspects stole more than just possessions from their victims; they also took peace of mind, and that's one of the reasons the for sale sign is up in the front yard.

"You know we do have a good neighborhood watch program, which has helped," he said. "However, we still continue to have a lot of problems down at this end."

It's the third time the homeowners have been burglarized. "When we first moved into the home, we had our bicycles stolen. I have a golf cart that I drive to work. And my golf cart was stolen."

The husband also he and his wife weren't the only neighbors to fall victim last night. "Evidently another house was attempted to be broken into last night on one of the other streets."

This time, however, the homeowners have at least a shot at having the more than $4,000 in stolen jewelry returned, or at the very least, seeing the suspects go down for their crime.

"They said that they've got some really good fingerprints. They left the shovel. So they've gotten some good prints off of that."

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