John Kasich visits Myrtle Beach on the campaign trail

John Kasich visits Myrtle Beach on the campaign trail
Source: Jenna DeAngelis
Source: Jenna DeAngelis

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) -  The closer we get to the presidential primary, the more we see the candidates popping up along the Grand Strand.

Ohio Governor John Kasich joined Attorney General Alan Wilson for a constitutional conversation at the sixth presidential forum the Conservative Leadership Project has hosted.

"I think we have too many things in our society that are changing all the time," Gov. Kasich said. "There have gotta be a couple compasses that we have in the world, and one of the ought to be the Constitution of the United States of America."

When it comes to a topic like the second amendment, it's plain and simple for Gov. Kasich, he supports it.

Another hot button issue he discussed, Tuesday, is securing the border to stop illegal immigration.

Gov. Kasich believes we can place a penalty on illegal immigrants living in this country, and grant those with a clean record, legalization not citizenship. Kasich said the idea we're going to deport 11-million people is, "ridiculous."

He believes in a legitimate guest-worker program, where employers bring people into the country, for work.

This conversation lead to the Governor's reaction to Donald Trump's statement to ban Muslims from coming into the U.S.

"Whether it's attacking women, or whether it's attacking Muslims or Hispanics, I just think this divides us and I think more than ever, we need to be unified," he said. "I don't agree with the policy on dividing Americans. What he said yesterday is unacceptable and I've been sharply critical of it."

Kasich also, again and again, pushed the ideas that states should be running their own programs - like education, and infrastructure - not Washington

"What we really need to do is get a lot more programs back to where you live," Gov. Kasich said. "Education ought to be run in South Carolina, medicaid ought to be run in South Carolina, transportation."

Which supports his push to stop the one size fits all mentality, instead letting each state take on its own challenges.  For example, for South Carolina, that could be I-73.

"I favor a plan that would let South Carolina keep their own gas money, I don't favor taking the money from South Carolina sending it to Washington and getting less back," he said "I've had a plan to try and get people to keep their own tax dollars so if they want to fund something they can raise the money and fund it themselves."

Many voters in the crowd, like Sharon Lindsey, stressed the importance of being at the forum and hearing out every candidate, before making a decision.

"It's vitally important for every American to learn everything they can learn about the candidates who are running for office today," Lindsey said. "Especially with times the way they are, and the way things are in our country."

According to the CLP, there were about 250 people in attendance, at the Coral Reef Resort and Conference Center.

According to NBC News, Kasich was one of the last candidates to jump into the 2016 presidential race to announce his candidacy, waiting until late July. He was one of the few Republican governors who adopted the Affordable Care Act's Medicaid expansion, which he strongly defends.

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