National Guard soldier dies, Sheriff’s deputies injured in crash

National Guard soldier dies, Sheriff’s deputies injured in crash

LAUREL HILL, NC (WMBF) - North Carolina Highway Patrol is investigating a weekend crash that left one dead and three injured.

Troopers say in that crash, a car drove head on into a Scotland County Sheriff's vehicle near Laurel Hill.

Skid marks and broken fenders may be all that's left of Saturday night's crash, but the investigation continues.

North Carolina Highway patrol says on that night, Rasheed McLain and Andre Nelson were driving through the intersection and failed to stop at the stop sign.

Troopers say the two national guardsmen then collided head on with a Scotland County Sheriff vehicle, containing two deputies.

Andre Nelson Died in the crash. Rasheed McLain and the two sheriff's deputies were taken to the hospital for injuries.

"I was in my living room, and I heard that distinct sound of metal on metal," described Clayton Wright, who lives next to the intersection. "I knew immediately it was a car crash."

Clayton Wright says he sees close calls all the time.

He says folks merging on to Morgan Street from Old Wire Road often fail to see the stop sign, and cut into oncoming traffic.

"I always look to the left now, and slow down, because I know it's a good possibility," He said. "It's happened several times to me."

Wright says he hopes something can be done to make the stop sign more visible, so crashes like Saturday night's never happen again.

A trooper from highway patrol says this investigation is ongoing.

Highway patrol has reached out to the National Guard about the two men in the one car.

Troopers are also waiting to hear from the Scotland County District Attorney about possible charges.

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