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Car stolen from disabled Florence man who spent 10 years building for son

(David Brody) (David Brody)
(Source: David Brody) (Source: David Brody)

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - A Florence man is left heart broken just before Christmas after a car he was building for his son was stolen from his driveway last month. Roughly $15,000 of labor went into the car.

Brody, a disabled father of four, was building the car just before his son's 17th birthday. November 23, the kids got up for school and the car was gone.

David says he was only living in Florence for a month when his car was stolen from the driveway. It was found near train tracks on December 1st by police, but several parts, including the engine, were missing. According to reports from the Florence County Sheriff's Office, a call came in from a woman making reports about an abandoned vehicle, that's when deputies discovered the car was stolen.

David says police apparently searched the car for fingerprints, but came up with nothing. "I had a lot into it. A lot of time. I put money into it as I made it. I'm on disability, so it wasn't often. That's why it took so long to build." said Brody. Nearly fifteen thousand dollars' worth of parts and labor were put into the car over the years, including new interior, engine, fuel pump, and a custom made hood.

He got the car when his oldest son was 2 years old, and hoped to give it to him on his 17th birthday, which was December 3rd. He says this is just another hardship on his family, as both parents are battling cancer

"This ruined the kids holiday, I'm not into the holidays anymore. My kids Christmas presents, tools, and parts were in the car and now it's setting in what I lost in not being able to replace for my son," Brody said.

David was also a 2nd responder as a firefighter during 9/11, the same year he bought the car.

His family says, it's not so much about the car, but what it represents. "I watched this kid build that car since he was 18 or 19 when he bought it, you know it's kind of like you put something together with your bare hands over the course of 20 years. I don't care what the car is worth. It's worth everything.” said Brody’s stepfather, Mario D’Ambrosio. David says he finds it hard to believe there were no prints found on the car considering how much was stolen from it.

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