Lake City launches new website to showcase downtown area

Lake City launches new website to showcase downtown area

LAKE CITY, SC (WMBF) - Lake City's downtown district is growing and so is its online community. A brand new website was launched Friday for the first time.

Lake City hosted its annual Christmas parade in the heart of downtown off Main Street. This is the first year holiday events have stretched across an entire weekend, calling it the Hometown Holiday Event, so a marketing team specifically chose Friday to launch its new website to get people out here to interact online.

Robert Bockman, Content Manager for Lake City Partnership Council says this is the first of its kind for Lake City to have one place that showcases everything there is to know about downtown. He says this weekend is the perfect time to launch the website. "People are coming down to experience the Hometown Holiday who have never been to Lake City and they are going to see it at its best. Now they are going to be able to know how they are able to participate, and become a part of the community."

Benita Lundy was at the parade tonight and shares what comes to mind when hearing about the new launch. "Excitement. We are a very small little town and we are growing rapidly and people need to know about us," said Lundy.

Bockman shares the goal behind the design of the website. He says, "When you log in you'll discover it's responsive, it's mobile friendly, it's a portal for all the information you need. You can book a hotel, download the business guide directly to your phone or tablet. It's your first stop for learning about Lake City. There's always more to learn so you have to come here to see all Lake City has to offer."

This was a joint effort with the Chamber of Commerce, Lake City, and businesses downtown. The marketing says me they want the new website to reach out to the larger Pee Dee area and the entire state.

Lundy says, "What better time to do it? With everything that's going on in our town, this is the perfect timing."

Bockman added, "You've got something wonderful here, let us help you market it and leverage that into something that really becomes more of a community."

Click here to check out the 'Visit Lake City, SC' website.

The 'Visit Lake City, SC' Facebook page also went live today. The marketing team encourages everyone to go on and like the page and post pictures throughout the Hometown Holiday Event weekend. Bockman hopes by January 2016, there will be even more social media up and running.

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