Restaurant Scorecard: Sub shop owner says getting an 'A' is pretty simple

Restaurant Scorecard: Sub shop owner says getting an 'A' is pretty simple

(WMBF) - Friday is a great night to enjoy dinner at your favorite restaurant, but before you go, take a look at this week’s Restaurant Scorecard.

The owner of Mr. Sub says it's pretty simple to get an A.

"If you fail, you messed up somewhere along the line," said Ken Conley, Co-owner of Mr. Sub. "You shouldn't be in the restaurant business."

Conley says it's really hard to fail the health inspection because DHEC gives the restaurant the opportunity to make the necessary changes. He says he's never had this problem, because he runs his business like it's his home.

"It's my family that runs this place, and we keep it clean. We've been here for 36 years, and the only way to stay 36 years is to run a clean place. So that people know that when they come in here. If the place looks good, then the food must be good, too."

Mr. Sub received a score of 98, but not every business DHEC visited did as well.
The lowest scores this week was just an 88. I reached out to El Rinconcito Salvadoreno and Palmetto House of Pancakes, which landed lowest on this week's list, but wasn't able to talk to managers at either restaurant.

The Palmetto House of Pancakes lost points for the cleanliness of non-food-contact surfaces. The report says the exterior sides of cooking equipment had grease and debris buildup, the interior top

Of a microwave had food buildup, and the counter was dirty under Vissani coolers. El Rinconcito Salvadoreno had multiple consecutive violations, most were reportedly corrected during the inspection.

The restaurants that received lower scores have one week to make changes before inspectors review them again.

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