Maranatha Christian school senior is excelling on and off the court

Student Spotlight: Lauren Collins

Florence (WMBF) - Lauren Collins, a 17 year old high school senior, is excelling in the classroom and on the court.  Hitting a three-point shot to show off her skills, she makes basketball look easy.

"I was okay at it growing up, but then I realized in 8th grade that I had a love and a passion for it so I started pursing it - summer camps, stuff like that," she said.

Collins plays center on the Maranatha Christian School basketball team in Florence, and she's an outside hitter for the school's volleyball team.

"Volleyball is way more of an individual sport than basketball and I enjoy it because it's intense and in the moment," Collins said.

But it's not all about sports for this high school senior. She's heavily devoted to her faith, saying she loves to read from the book of Psalms in the Bible and  stays on top of her grades with straight A's. She wants to become a teacher one day, she says, thanks to teachers who have inspired her along the way.

"Miss Cassy here, really makes a point to be passionate about what she teaches and puts in on a level where you can really understand it," she said.

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