State Representative Stephen Goldfinch responds to gun control bills in senate

State Representative Stephen Goldfinch responds to gun control bills in senate

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – State Representative Stephen Goldfinch responded Thursday to the prefiling of gun control bills in the senate. In the wake of several mass shootings here in the United States, one just hours away in Charleston, there's no question gun control is on the minds of many Americans. With that, our state representatives have it in mind too.

State Representative Stephen Goldfinch is NOT behind the prefiled bills pushing for regulation on guns. He believes the majority of crimes are done by those who obtain guns illegally and does not believe a database listing who owns which gun could prevent criminals from getting those guns.

"We need to focus more on mental health which is where the majority of these mass shootings come from, people with mental health problems. In South Carolina over the last few years we no longer have Bull Street where we can send people that have mental health problems that need to be institutionalized, they're now on the street and they're also not being treated well. They go to the ER's now to be treated and that's not a very effective and efficient or compassionate way to treat our people who have mental health problems... we need to seriously think about funding well mental health issues in South Carolina to stop these things at the very beginning." Goldfinch explained.

Even more so, he thinks the senate should focus on how to provide better care for people who have mental illnesses. While at the same time, making sure those people do not get their hands on any kind of weapon.

Goldfinch believes this kind of regulation would disarm legal citizens who have the right to legally own a gun.

"You do however, have a right to own a gun, to protect yourself, in a lawful way, in South Carolina and in the United States, so registering my gun and telling the federal government who I am and that I have a gun, scares me to death," Goldfinch said.

"Right now it's a scary time in America with the mass shootings that we're seeing and disarming legal citizens that have the legal right to own a gun to protect themselves seems like a terrible idea to me," he added.

With another opportunity to prefile a bill on November 11, Goldfinch would rather the senate find a way to close the loop holes surrounding the legal purchase of a gun.

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