Darlington County implements CodeRed emergency alert system

Darlington County implements CodeRed emergency alert system

DARLINGTON, SC (WMBF) - The Darlington County Emergency Management is upgrading its technology to help get the word out easier and faster when an emergency happens.

Emergency Management purchased the CodeRed system back in 2013, but the public wasn't able to register their information online until one month ago. Darlington County Emergency Manager Mike McDonald says now they are taking it one step further to reach the most amount of people in a short amount of time.

The CodeRed system will send out high speed alerts by phone call, texts, emails and social media. McDonald says the most important thing is to register online on the county's website: Click here. Find the CodeRed logo, enter your name, address, home phone or cell number and what type of notification you prefer. After verifying your information, you will receive a phone call alerting you have been entered in the notification alert system.

McDonald says this is just one more way to reduce the amount of people public safety could possibly miss during an emergency. "In emergency management, your never satisfied that you've reached enough people," McDonald said.

He says public safety is taking it to the next step to try to get a larger group in the database, so they know they are reaching the majority of people that may be effected during an emergency.

In emergencies like criminal activity, fires, or flooding, CodeRed will send out an alert right away. It doesn't just benefit people who live in the county, it also helps gets word out to law enforcement and fire safety at one time.

McDonald said, "To make one phone call to get key county personal in, verses having to call each one of them individually…We can tailor it to fit our specific needs. We develop the message, we launch the message and we get the instantaneous feedback knowing yes we were able to reach everybody or no we got another segment of the population we have to focus on."

It takes less than five minutes to register on the county's website and there is also a CodeRed Mobile App to receive notifications anytime public safety issues an alert. McDonald hopes by the first of the year, most of the county will be registered and using CodeRed.

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