CCU football coach’s contract leaves opening for exit

CCU football coach’s contract leaves opening for exit

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - There's a serious shuffle in the college football coaching world happening right now. Several coaches were fired over the weekend; now those schools are hoping to fill the open positions. Two of those schools are Rutgers and Syracuse, and one name connected to both jobs: Coastal Carolina University head coach Joe Moglia.

CCU gives Joe Moglia an annual base salary of $175,000. If the school wanted Moglia gone, it would have to pay him half of his remaining contract. There are two years left on the deal right now, meaning the school's buyout is $175,000.

But when it comes to what Coach Moglia would owe if he wanted to leave to a school like Rutgers or Syracuse, he doesn't have a buyout at all. His contract has liquidated damages only if he chooses to go to a Championship Subdivision school or any lower level. Those bigger schools are in the FBS (Football Bowl Subdivision).

The contract does say he has to notify the university's athletic director if he becomes interested in an open job, and he must get permission to have discussions with officials from another school.

CCU has until December 31, 2015 to extend his deal an extra five years. That would lock Moglia into the contract through the 2022 season. That decision is up to the school's president David DeCenzo and the athletic director Matt Hogue. WMBF News reached out to both of them, along with Coach Moglia, for a comment. The athletic department told us Coach Moglia has been very consistent over the years to say he would never comment on any speculation, past, present or future.

As it stands, Coach Moglia's base salary is far less than what the school is paying basketball coach Cliff Ellis and baseball coach Gary Gilmore. It's even less than what president David Decenzo made as a base salary during the last year, according to the South Carolina Department of Administration:

-Cliff Ellis - $262,592

-Gary Gilmore - $262,591

-David DeCenzo - $188,000

-Matt Hogue - $164,520

The school rewards Moglia for winning. He gets $40,000 for winning a conference championship and $40,000 for each playoff game he wins. Through four seasons at CCU, he has three Big South Championships and he's won four playoff games. That's $280,000 in bonus money. He would get a $100,000 bonus for winning a national title, something the Chanticleers have never done.

The contract also has bonuses built in for the football team's academic accomplishments. APR (Academic Progress Rate) is a score the NCAA calculates. In order for the coach to get a $25,000 bonus, the team most score higher the a 950. The bonus goes up to $40,000 if the score is higher than 970. The CCU Football team's APR by year is as follows:

-Year before Moglia's arrival: 936

-2012-13: 948

-2013-14: 963

Moglia can also receive salary supplements or bonuses from athletic foundations, sports camps, housing benefits, country club memberships, TV and radio programs and endorsements. He also gets up to 20 tickets to each home game, 12 tickets to each away game and up to 24 tickets for playoff games.

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