Florence School District One includes new drill for safer schools

Florence School District One includes new drill for safer schools
Pam Little-McDaniel FSD1 Spokesperson
Pam Little-McDaniel FSD1 Spokesperson

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - On Tuesday, Florence School District One ran a new drill to increase safety within the district.

The drill was all about making sure a mass evacuation could be performed in an emergency.

The district officials said they hope the district would never have to execute the plan, but is prepared if it needs to do so.

More than 2,000 students from West Florence High School participated in the drill.

The district already performs fire and various others, but this drill comes on the heels of changes in today's society.

"It was a massive undertaking, but it worked out really well for us today," said Pam Little-McDaniel, spokesperson for Florence School District One.

Florence School District One performed an emergency evacuation drill at West Florence High School.

"We kicked off at 9 a.m. this morning, and the students are back in school now before lunch... it was a very successful drill," said Little-McDaniel.

A new drill is needed to keep the district's safety plan up with changing times.

"It's an exercise that we hope that we will never have to use, but never the less… we do have to have drills," Little-McDaniel said.

If an emergency ever does arise, all school records and anything needed to keep students safe is housed inside of the district's mobile command center.

Districts officials created the state-of-the-art mobile command center last year.

It can be assembled and totally operational within 45 minutes.

If there were ever an emergency, parents would report to this command center to pick up there child and learn information about what's happening.

While the district does not plan to use it, it's just one more step in Florence One's proactive measure.

"We have had the mobile command center for about a year now, but we are very proud of that because it's going to be able to help us in the time of a crisis," Little-McDaniel said.

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