Doctors Care to open new location near backgate by mid-summer 2016

Doctors Care to open new location near backgate by mid-summer 2016
Dr. Dennis Rhoades
Dr. Dennis Rhoades

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Doctors Care will be opening a new location off of Farrow Parkway because of demand seen from Market Common and Socastee area patients.

Right now many people are seeing a whole lot of construction near the backgate and Farrow Parkway.  Ground is breaking on new housing developments and shopping plazas, and with that, a need to keep the growing population healthy.

When picking this new location, Doctors Care first noticed its Myrtle Beach location was busiest. From there the business started to pinpoint exactly where its patients were coming from.

"What we normally do, is we try to track things like zip codes, addresses, and what we see is, trends developing," Dr. Dennis Rhoades explained.

Doctor Dennis Rhoades with Doctors Care says when looking at locations already up and running, in Carolina Forest, 21st Avenue in Myrtle Beach, and Surfside Beach, Doctor's Care was starting to notice more and more patients coming from the Market Common.  

"We start to see that the Market Commons area is beginning to grow, they have a lot more developments in there, and there are a lot more people moving to that area," Dr. Rhoades said.

The location itself, off of Farrow Parkway, also lined up with another growing area.

"Once you determine, 'Oh, there's an area that we're getting a lot more patients from, should we put a center there?'.. it's also a great place because it's close to the backgate, the bypass, and we have a lot more patients from the Socastee area too, so it's not just the Market Commons area, the Socastee area is growing as well," Dr. Rhoades explained.

Next, Dr. Rhoades says Doctors Care wants to make health care as convenient as possible.

"Especially the elderly, we try to make it in an area that's easily accessible, that you can see it easily, and that you can access it easily. It's the convenience of seeing somebody when you're sick today," Dr. Rhoades said.

Dr. Rhoades says it's also about staying ahead of the growing population.

"I see nothing but growth for the Myrtle Beach area and we're trying to is making sure patients are getting the care that they need," he added.

"….and urgent care is not only something that's good for the tourists, and good for the working person, it's good for the person who just moved down, they haven't developed with a primary care provider yet, and it's a convenience, it's something nowadays, people are looking for, they want the convenience," Dr. Rhoades said.

Doctors Care expects the new location to open by mid-summer 2016.

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