Glenns Bay Road Widening and Interchange project on schedule, heading into stage 2

Glenns Bay Road Widening and Interchange project on schedule, heading into stage 2
Lisa Bourcier, Horry County PIO
Lisa Bourcier, Horry County PIO

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – The Glenns Bay Road Widening and Interchange project is on schedule and construction crews will start stage two in the coming winter months. County leaders caution drivers will notice more crews in the area.

Horry County Leaders say the good news is October's flooding didn't delay any of the county's road projects. As for Glenns Bay Road, just because drivers may not notice the progress, leaders say that doesn't mean crews haven't made any. County leaders say the main focus this past year has been underground.

The two projects going on at once are the widening of Glenns Bay Road and the interchange project at the intersection of US 17 and Glenns Bay. This past year, crews have been working to relocate many of the utility lines underground, to ensure people living in the area don't have any issues.

Horry County Spokesperson Lisa Bourcier tells WMBF News that crews are now heading into stage two which includes starting the bridge. They'll also build median crossovers and start on two separate ramps with signals. Bourcier says the project will start to look a lot like the backgate project.

"Where we actually build the ramps is where we can divert the southbound traffic first on those ramps, so we can get to the center of the area to start some construction of the bridge work. And then we'll go back and do the same on the northbound lanes," Bourcier explained.

Stage two will start this winter, and go through the summer. Bourcier cautions drivers Glenns Bay may become more difficult to travel because it's tight, and crews are required to keep traffic moving in both directions at all times.

"So there's going to be a lot of shifting to the right, while they are working on the left side of the road, and then shifting back to the left when they are working on the right. So there's going to be lots of weaving and shifting throughout the next couple of years as well. There's just nowhere else for that traffic to go," Bourcier said.

This project is scheduled to last two more years. Another point of concern is The Lakes community, which is the largest development in the construction zone. Bourcier says moving the community's main entrance further south has been built into the construction plans and that's not all.

"We actually had to build them a second entrance, off of Holmestown road and that's a great addition to that neighborhood. It's probably close to 30 to 40 years old and there's hundreds of homes in that subdivision, so having another way to get in and out is crucial at that point," Bourcier explained.

That new entrance is set to be open by spring of next year. The last stages of construction for both Glenns Bay Road widening and the interchange project is scheduled to last from fall through the winter of 2017.

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