How we fared as the 2015 Atlantic Hurricane season comes to an end

How we fared as the 2015 Atlantic Hurricane season comes to an end

MYRTLE BEACH (WMBF) - The 2015 Atlantic Hurricane Season kicked off before the official June 1 beginning with Tropical Storm Ana, which many Carolinians remember as she made a direct landfall here on the Grand Strand.

Ana made landfall between Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach in South Carolina early Sunday morning on May 10. The cyclone is the second-earliest land-falling tropical storm on record in the Atlantic basin.

Joaquin is another name that may stick out in many minds. This major hurricane reached category 4 status, just 2 miles per hour shy of category 5 status, with maximum sustained winds around 155 mph on October 3.

While Hurricane Joaquin did not make a direct impact or landfall in the United States, a front sitting off the East Coast pulled a tremendous amount of Joaquin's moisture into the Carolinas. The scenario brought record-setting, devastating flooding to portions of North and South Carolina with a "fire hose" of torrential downpours training into the same areas for several days.

We also have Hurricane Kate, which might not be as memorable to you because of its minimal impacts to the states, but it did help set more records for the 2015 season. This hurricane is marked as the latest-forming Atlantic basin hurricane in 10 years. Hurricane Kate was also the latest in-season tropical cyclone to become a hurricane so far northwest in the Atlantic Ocean.

Overall, the 2015 Atlantic hurricane season ended with 11 named storms, four of which became hurricanes and two of which became major hurricanes. The National Hurricane Center forecast six to 11 named storms; three to six of those storms were forecast to be hurricanes, and of the three to six hurricanes, up to two of the storms were forecast to be major hurricanes. The prediction was spot on.

The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30. You can view a list of the 2016 storm names on the National Hurricane Center's website.

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