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Shoppers get a head-start on Black Friday shopping

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Some customers at Best Buy have been waiting for days to get their hands on Best Buy's Thanksgiving Day sales.

"This is my ninth year doing this," said Guy Joseph Dean II.

Guy Dean said being first in line is worth the good deals. He said being first allows them to get in and out very quickly and he said Best Buy does a great job at giving the customers the best organized experience.

"I'm getting the best deals while staying safe at the same time," said Dean.

General Manager Stan Kilp said this is his 21st year doing these events. They put up barricades to make it safer for the customers, they contacted Myrtle Beach Police department to do swoop-arounds throughout the night, and they also have port-o-potties on the side of the building for customers camping out. But that's not all, they have strategically planned the checkout line to make things more organized inside the store. They have also passed out maps so shoppers can easily find the items they're looking for. For the big items, customers are given tickets to ensure their purchase.

"It has controlled the process so well, we have return customers coming back again and again," said Stan Kilp, Best Buy General Manager. "In fact the people in line behind us right now have been coming here for years because of the organizations and what we have been able to do."

Randy Martin has been in line for two days...for his friend. He said he's already bought everything he wants online. He also said for most of the good deals,
you're going to have to stand in line.

"If you want the stuff that's not on the first two pages, just shop online on save yourself the effort," said Martin. "Because again the line will be probably be to
the end of the building. The people that get here at 4 for an opening at 5, they'll be here until 9 or 10 at night. Standing in line, standing in the store,
waiting to get in, getting everything picked over. I wouldn't do it."

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