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Passengers say travel alerts won't detour their holiday plans

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We're in the throes of one of the busiest travel holidays of the year. Over 40 million Americans are expected to take to the roads or the skies with just two days until Thanksgiving. But following attacks in Paris and other countries across the globe, an alert goes out to Americans traveling this week. It could mean tighter security and longer lines at airports over the next few days.

The TSA recently announced more security in response to those deadly attacks in Paris, and this comes just as the State Department issued a new world wide travel alert that urged travelers to be cautious and alert. However, some say they aren't going to let those warnings stop them from being with their families this holiday season.

"I'm not going to let that ruin my vacation time," Tejon Woods said. "If you did I mean they win right,  got to make sure you continue to travel, continue to do everything else that you can...just be safe."

Tejon Woods flew into MYR Tuesday afternoon from California. He said he's not letting recent warnings from the State Department detour his travel plans.

"I think they put a lot of security in place. We came out of LAX, and we saw a lot of law enforcement," Woods said. "I think overall everyone seems to be alert and prepared for the holidays. This is one of the busiest travel days of the year."

Increased security at airports this holiday week could mean longer lines and longer wait times. The TSA is recommending that travelers arrive 2 hours before their flights.

"Passenger counts are increasing every day this week," Tammy Baxley with MYR said.

 Millions of Americans will be taking the skies and the roads to see family and friends over the next few days, and local airport officials want to make sure they are prepared before they walk in their doors.

"If they're bringing packages with them, that they put them in a gift bag rather than wrap them because going through the TSA line they may have to unwrap them," Baxley said. "That's going to slow the line down a little bit."

Officials ask that you check your flight time and what items you're allowed to bring online before arriving, and that while traveling, you should take alerts seriously and be vigilant.

"If anybody sees anything unusual going on at the airport we ask that at this time of the year you report it to local authorities immediately so that we can take action with that," Baxley said.

Some passengers seem to understand that these extra precautions could add a few extra minutes to their travel time.

"With the threat level and everything that's happening in the world, especially in Paris, TSA has to make sure we travel safe," Woods said. "A few extra minutes just to make sure the flight is safe and everyone is safe, I think it's a good thing/ I don't mind waiting a few extra minutes."

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