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Myrtle Beach sees higher trend in car break-ins

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Every year, police officers track more reports of crime further inland as the tourists leave the beach. It typically happens in Myrtle Beach during the off-season and towards the holidays.

But people who live in one section of the city say they started to notice more neighborhood car break-ins earlier in the season. More people started making reports in the residential areas sandwiched between 27th and 63rd Avenues North and North Kings Highway and Grissom Parkway. According to crime statistics, there were 50 car break-ins in this area during the month of September.

According to the detailed records provided by the Myrtle Beach Police Department, there were a total of 84 attempted and completed burglary auto reports for the entire city of Myrtle Beach in the month of September. There were also 84 reports made in October. And as of November 23, 28 reports were made in the city limits. The closer to the holidays, the more car break-ins are reported at shopping malls.

But people living on some typically quiet city streets say they continue to see just as many car break-ins in their neighborhoods. Most of the reports document that the car doors were found open and some change and electronics might be missing or strewn across a yard or along a street. Most of the reports do not show violent or destructive break-ins. Still, these are crimes that need to be reported.

“Call us and let us know,” says Lt. Joey Crosby with the Myrtle Beach Police Department. “Because there are certain things that if they’re taken, we can identify through serial numbers or various other aspects. So we can identify your property and hopefully who committed the crime.”

The department relies on crimes being reported so the officers can track trends and determine where to focus patrols.

A Facebook group is acting as the virtual eyes and ears for these neighbors. The Strand Neighborhood Watch Forum has well over 2,600 group members now. The forum is designed with the purpose of letting everyone post about criminal activity to help keep everyone informed and safe.

“Knowledge is power,” says Lt. Crosby. “So if the community members are passing along the information they know of that’s going on in their community to other community members, then everyone is aware of what’s going on. They can take the necessary steps to keep them and their family safe.”

And the Myrtle Beach Police Department posted a video to its Facebook page providing tips to protect yourself and your belongings during the holidays.

View PDF documents with detailed breakdowns of exactly when and where vehicles were broken into:

September 2015 | October 2015 | November 1-23, 2015

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