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Sims family speaks on verdict

Families speak on verdict in Heather Sims trial

David Sims' father, David David Sims' father, David
David Sims' mother, Margaret David Sims' mother, Margaret

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - The Sims family shares thoughts on the verdict finally being decided after two weeks of deliberation. Heather Sims is charged with voluntary manslaughter of her husband in August 2013.

When we asked David Sims, David’s father how he feels about the verdict of the woman who shot and killed his son, he says, “Relieved. 834 days since it happened. It could have been better but it could have been worse, so justice was served. Of course I wish she had gotten the maximum, anyways there is no winner, definitely no winners.”

After the judge read the verdict, he gave each family a chance to speak again. David Sims’ mother, father and sister read letters to the judge asking for the maximum sentence. Each one saying things like we won’t ever have a Christmas or birthday or be able to hug our son ever again.

Destiny Studzinski, David’s sister said in some of her letter, “We were so close and our whole family always was. We shared everything and talked and texted daily.”

We talked to David’s sister outside the courtroom and she says she doesn’t feel like justice will ever be served. “The biggest issue I have with our entire justice system is that there is no justice for dead people because they don’t let you speak for them because they call it hearsay, that is ridiculous.”

Heather’s mother, Sandra Causey, never testified but after the jury reached the verdict, Causey spoke up for her daughter asking the judge for leniency.

“I know that Heather loved David. She was beaten down that’s how I can describe it and since his death I’ve found out what she was going through and it just broke my heart, said Causey.

Heather’s friend, Katie Khundeuj, testified as a witness during the trial and also spoke to the judge after the verdict was read. She said, “Your honor, Heather has a good soul, she has a good spirit… people love her as I love her.”

The final one to speak was Heather Sims, as she was looking at the judge and the Sims family, she said she never meant for any this to happen. “I love David and I love his family no matter what they think," Sims said.

“She wants to say she’s sorry on the stand, if it was self defense, she would have contacted my family that night and said oh my god, no there was never any contact," said Studzinski, David's sister, in her closing words in the interview.

The families biggest concern is Heather and David’s two-year-old son, John David. The judge spoke to the courtroom after reading the verdict and says he hopes the families get rid of the hatred for the son’s well being.

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