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Speeders a recurring problem in Stone Bridge area

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - One group of people is fed up with how drivers are treating their Myrtle Beach community. From destroying mailboxes, to speeding, homeowners are begging for change.

Stonebridge Drive is a road many people use to get from Highway 707 to Palmetto Pointe while avoiding traffic the backgate, but the overwhelming 3,000 cars passing by these homes a day is an ongoing concern for the people who live there.

The road become a speedway for drivers; it was just Thursday, that someone crashed into neighbor John Havlick’s mailbox, and it was all caught on camera.

Havlick walked out of his home, to see the tail end of the scene right out of a movie. The incident ended with the car in a ditch.

“It's a 15 mile per hour speed zone and we’ve got them going through here 40 or 30 miles per hour probably more than that,” Havlick said.

This is the third destroyed mailbox Havlick had to replace.

“All these mailboxes that got run over, it could very easily be people getting their mail out of it,” Neighbor Joey Blythe said.

The big issue for people who live in the neighborhood, and why they put up surveillance cameras in the first place is, they say drivers are constantly speeding and putting people in harm's way.

"We've had a kid run over at Halloween, fortunately they weren’t injured too bad,” Blythe said. “About two months ago we got video of a stopped school bus, at the stop sign, and three cars passed the stop school bus with kids loading on."

Last year, WMBF News Reported on a car hitting a parked car in a driveway, sending it straight through a garage, also on Stonebridge Dr.

“Somebody one day is going to be very, very injured here,” Havlick said.

"When somebody gets critically hurt here, it's gonna be too late to do anything,” Neighbor Joey Blythe said.

WMBF News used a radar gun to see if we could catch drivers speeding through the neighborhood.

Most were driving above the speed limit, with a reporter and a camera in plain sight.

Then, WMBF News placed my camera at a speed hump to see if people would behave there.

"They put speed bumps down but they put them so flat that it really don't even slow traffic down,” Blythe said.

According to Horry County, a traffic study is being looked at, now, to address improvements.

When asked for a timeline, county leaders said, in the short term.

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