SCDOT gives timeline on flood damaged roads in Florence County

SCDOT gives timeline on flood damaged roads in Florence County

FLORENCE COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Some people in our area are still dealing with road closures from the historic flooding we saw fall across the Carolinas.

Two roads are still closed in Florence County.

"It's actually making us have to go out of our way. It's five minutes to work from me, but I have to go ten minutes to work now because I have to go out and around," Michelle Padgett, store clerk said.

Michelle Padgett said she can't wait for Friendfield Road to be fixed and open after the recent historic flooding caused it to close.

Thursday, SCDOT crews were busy making those needed repairs trying to get it back open.

"We had a couple pipes in that location that blew out. It blew out the shoulders and the guard rail settled," said David Johnson with SCDOT.

Johnson said right now crews are replacing those damaged parts and are reinforcing the roadway.

In total, the SCDOT said three sections of Friendfield Road had to be repaired because of flood damage.

The final repairs are slated to wrap up by Thanksgiving.

The other road that is still closed is not slated to be open until this coming spring and that's because SCDOT said it really took a beating.

"Old River Road, we had four locations that were deficient because of the flooding," said Johnson.

SCDOT said due to resources, those repairs had to be made by contractors.

Right now there is still a damaged portion of the road hampering it from fully being open.

"The last location is the bridge and the bridge had undermined ends," said Johnson.

The SCDOT said there was so much water passing under the bridge along Old River Old that it washed the dirt out from around the wooden planks going into the ground.

According to officials, all the repairs made on every road that was damaged by flooding should be able to take a bigger beating from torrential weather because those roads serviced were brought up to code.

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