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Heather Sims takes stand in own murder trial

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - After nearly two weeks of testimony, Heather Sims took the stand and told jurors her side of what happened two years ago.

Sims says that night she feared for her life, and fired a shot she still regrets to this day.

“I watched my husband just deteriorate right in front of my face,” she said tearfully. “It was the most helpless feeling I have ever felt my entire life.”

Defense attorney Morgan Martin spent hours going through the event with Sims, including the months leading up to it.

Sims talked about their marital struggles that summer, and what she believed to be David’s often hostile behavior.

“It should have been the happiest time in our life, and it was the most terrible,” Sims said.

In the days and months following the shooting, investigators questioned Sims about what could have happened before and after the shooting.

Thursday, she addressed those same questions, including the much debated life insurance policy David had just taken out.

“Were you worried about the life insurance policy or your marriage?” Martin asked her.

“I was worried about my marriage,” Sims answered. “I never knew the life insurance policy was even issued.”

In cross-examination, Nancy Livesay hit on that same life insurance policy. She questioned why Heather has no receipts or records to show that she was seeking help or counseling from before the policy was issued.

Livesay also questioned why David’s phone was wiped days after the shooting.

“The fact that you mention that makes me think that he was recording the conversation on August the 11th. That’s why you took that phone out, that’s why you hid it from the police, that’s why you wiped all the information off it,” Livesay said to Sims.

“Police could have got the phone that night. They didn’t get it,” Sims replied.

Later on, Livesay pressed Sims on several things that happened immediately after the shooting, like her possibly moving the knife from David’s hand, and possibly wiping blood.

Sims says her focus was on treating David, not preserving a crime scene.

Attorneys also spent time Thursday asking Heather about why police found David’s phone had been wiped days after the shooting.

She says she didn’t have his password and that was the only way to use it… she tried to restore the information lost.

Following Sims, the prosecution called David’s two ex-wives to testify. Both told jurors he was never violent at any point in their marriages.

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